LyriXML: Gulf Shores (Palace Music )

It was hard enough to climb upon. It was slow-going at firstAmaj7 E Amaj7 E
Sister, you have laid long in the sun. Aren't you dying of thirst?Amaj7 E Amaj7 E
Oh my dear your suit is candy-striped and your legs are long and slimAmaj7 E Amaj7 E
If I whisper nothings in your ear. Will you pass them on to him?Amaj7 E Amaj7 E

You have laid here by the watersideF#m G#m
Since the day we came to townBm D A E

Have you thought that you could waste away? You don't care much for yourselfAmaj7 E Amaj7 E
There are circles deep beneath your eyes Why do you do this to yourself?Amaj7 E Amaj7 E
If you like we two could take a ride. I would love to take you downAmaj7 E Amaj7 E
We could watch a blue heron in flight. We could see the sights in townAmaj7 E Amaj7 E

You have laid here by the watersideF#m G#m
You have let the family downBm D A E

A cold and frilly drink awaits us both. Watch me frolick in the sandAmaj7 E Amaj7 E
Oh dear'd you see me in the surf with a starfish in my handAmaj7 E Amaj7 E
Soon the restaurants will open up. Soon the bars will light their lightsAmaj7 E Amaj7 E
You have aged, you must start looking up. Ugly things will come tonightAmaj7 E Amaj7 E

We could drive down to another beachF#m G#m
Even tanned your skin seems whiteBm D A
All our friends have gone away from here,F# G#m
So let's disappear from sightBm D A E