LyriXML: Treat Me Blind (Oh )

You seem so proud of that you can cheet me blindD G D
But you're always honest and you're always kindD G A
You say that there's something that you want to changeF#m Bm E G
But you're too careful and you've got no plansD G D

You're trying to never ever drive me away
So good my intentions, so much astray
You make it more a promise and a duty less
I never keep my words, and always have a mess

Here in this life we keep on filling forms
Office and toilet paper lose their charms
One minute I am climbing and the next I fall
Now I am on top of you and now I crawl

You love me and you hate me 'cause you think I'm soft
I'm waiting for to turn to find out who really loved
You're making it a hologram to look at from the sides
You're free but won't you blame me now for all those lonely nights