LyriXML: When The Curious Girl Realizes She Is Under Glass (Bright Eyes )

introC G Dm G
introC G Am G

Tomorrow when I wake up I'm finding my brotherC G
And making him take me back down to the waterDm G
That lake where we sailed and we laughed with our fatherC G
I will not desert him. I will not desert himAm

No matter how I may wish for a coffin so cleanDm G C F
Or these trees to undress all their leaves onto me
I put my face in the dirt and then finally I seeDm G C Am
The sky that has been avoiding meF G

instrumentalC F Am Dm
instrumentalC F Am Dm

I started this letter I'm going to send it to RubaC G
It will be blessed by her eyes on the gulf coast of FloridaDm G
With her feet in the sand and one hand on her swimsuitC G
She will recite the prayer of my penDm G

Saying, ..time take us forward. Relief from this longingC G
They can land that plane on my heart I don't careDm G
Just give me November, the warmth of a whisperC G
in the freezing darkness of my roomAm G

But no matter what I would do in an attempt to replaceDm G C F
All the pills that I take trying to balance my brainDm G C F
I have seen the curious girl with that look on her faceDm G C Am
So surprised she stares out from her display caseF G

instrumentalC F Am Dm
instrumentalC F Am Dm