LyriXML: Waiting For The Moon To Rise (Belle & Sebastian )

introF G Am E
introF G Am

All the way back homeAm E
I'm telling you I caught the sunCmaj7 E
Creeping up behind my shoulderAm D
And another day's begunBm E
I was following a trailAm E
I'd never been along beforeCmaj7 E
Chasing darkened skies above meAm D Bm
Looking like the springE C
Like the winterAm
And the morningF Dm G E Am

If there's a place I want to goF E
Then I'll be there with youCmaj7 Am
'cos in my dreams the thingsF
I'm wishing forG
Keep coming trueF E F E

Now a new day comesAm E
Clears the darkness out of sightCmaj7 E
And the shadows that were sleepingAm D
Come and dance beneath the lightBm E
And I'm trying hard to hideAm E
Keeping the sun out of my eyesCmaj7 E
Close them tightAm
And now I'm waiting for the moon to riseDm Bm E Am

instrumentalF E C Am
instrumentalF G F E F E
instrumentalC Am F Dm G E

Don't try to say to meAm E
That this was never meant to beCmaj7 E
'cos the days are long where I come fromAm D
The next few days I'm freeBm E
There's a train I want to catchAm E
But it won't leave here for a whileCmaj7 E
Till darkness fills the eastern skyAm D
And streetlights stretch for milesBm E
Through the springC
And the winter and the morningAm F Dm

C Am F Dm